About Veteran’s Source One

Welcome to Veteran’s Source One.  This site is for veterans who are looking for assistance with questions they may have regarding benefits and programs.  Please look through the information on the following pages, and if your question isn’t answered here, please email me and I will assist you in any way that I can.

The hope, the vision, is to turn this into a full-time Non Profit Organization, where projects and programs can be offered to America’s vets that help fill in the gap left by current and conventional programs.  Our veterans took the step, said the oath, donned the uniform.  They stood out and said “I promise to protect you and your freedom, though it should mean my very life.”  We cannot forget that, cannot pass them by and say “Thanks for your service” to the homeless vet, or the veteran family facing foreclosure.  Please, help this become a reality and make a donation today.  The sooner I can get this off the ground, the sooner I can help other vets.  Thank you.


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