Medals and Awards

For all those who served after 9/11, you may rate a new medal called the Global War on Terrorism Medal.  Check to see if you meet the requirements.

Many vets and service members are not aware that there are state veterans agencies that can award medals to veterans from, or currently living in, that state. 

Pictures and descriptions of the different state medals can be found here.

Usually, if you qualify to receive one of these medals, or if you have questions, you can go to the state’s individual website and find the appropriate link.  You can usually also email a staff member who will be able to tell you whether or not you qualify for that medal.

For whatever reason, maybe  you moved or there was a flood or other natural disaster, you were awarded a medal in service that is now lost.  You can write to receive a replacement medal from the individual service commands by going to the National Archives site.  They prefer you use the electronic version found here.

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